Arthur Byram Gowan


 BORN 22 December 1788
 BAPTISED 6 February 1789
 DIED 19 April 1867 at Berwick-on-Tweed, England. 
 FATHER Robert John Gowans (1756-1802)
 MOTHER Elizabeth Byram (1757-1848)
 MARRIED Margaret Denovan (1790-1865) on 6 June 1816 at Holy Trinity Church, Berwick-upon-Tweed, England.
 CHILDREN   Eliza Denovan Gowan (1816-1894)
 Arthur Byram Gowan jnr-1 (1818-1819)
 Arthur Byram Gowan jnr-2 (1818-1880)
 Margaret Gowan (1823-1904)
 Robina Gowan (1825-1897)
 John Denovan Gowan (1830-1885)
 Mary Gowan (1831-1832)
 Sidney Gowan (1838-1839)


Ship Builder employing 20 men and 20 apprentices (1861 census). Took charge of the family shipyard (started by his grandfather Arthur Byram in 1751) from his mother in 1814. Upgraded the shipyard in 1825. Also built some ships that he operated himself from 1850.


An Arthur Blackwood Gowan was killed in 1916 in WW1 and his body never found. He was born 1896, son of Mr Arthur B & Mrs AJ Gowan of 7 Brandling Park, Newcastle-on-Tyne. The ferry A B Gowan was named after the son.

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