John Leche Kraushaar


 BORN 4 February 1819 at Stepney, Middx, England.
 BAPTISED 10 March 1819 at St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, England
 DIED 4 April 1899 at Blackmoor, West Buckland, Somerset, England
 BURIED Chelmsine Cemetery
 FATHER John Matthew Kraushaar (1796-1857)
 MOTHER Jane Charlotte Prenton (1795-1863)
 MARRIED Frances Jane Thurtell-Murray (1822-1902) on 27 March 1846 at St Giles Church, Cripplegate, London
 CHILDREN   Fanny Adela Jane Kraushaar (1848-1929)
John Walter Kraushaar (1850-1851)
John James Kraushaar (1852-1874)
Frank Kraushaar (1855-1939)
Annie Josephine Kraushaar (1859-1861)
Alfred Kraushaar (1860-1945)
[un-named female] (1862-1862)  
Grace Beatrice Kraushaar (1864-1932)

JLK and wife Fanny.

Attended St. Georg German Lutheran Church School.

Worked in German merchant’s office (not Oppenheim).

Hankey cousins introduced him to religion; with a view to ordination, studied Greek and Latin at London University where he was president of the debating society. Worked with London City Mission near St Giles Church, where he was subsequently married. Lived in Islington.

Notes by Alfred state that Fanny was born in 17 Seymour Cr, Euston Sq, London, John Walter, John James and Frank were born in Milton Cr, Euston Sq, London, Annie Josephine in William St North, Caledonian Rd, London, and that the family moved to Ketton, Rutland in April 1859. Annie Josephine was thus buried in Ketton Churchyard (1861), and Alfred (1860) and Grace Beatrice (1864) were born in Ketton.

On 5 September 1867 Fanny wrote of an imminent move to Stratford. Fanny Adela was married in Northampton on 26 September 1867 and the next day the Kraushaar family moved to Stratford. John James was buried in Taunton in 1874, Grace was married in Wellington, Somerset in 1898.

Joined Plymouth Brethren and ministered in Northampton, Stratford-on-Avon, and finally Somerset where he built Chelmsine Chapel and wrote and printed books.

An insight into JKL’s life is given by Anne Evans.