John Lewis


 BORN 20 June 1815 in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England.
 DIED 27 May 1868 at St Albans.
 FATHER John Lewis (excise officer).
 MARRIED 1 Mary Ann Cox (1819-1849) in 1838
 CHILDREN   Ann Lewis (1841-)
 George Lewis (1841-)
 Thomas C Lewis (1844-)
 Henry Lewis (1846-1920)
 MARRIED 2 Clara Browne (1827-1891) on 9 October 1851 at St Paul, Caton, Lancashire. Married by Rev Edward Thurtell. 
 CHILDREN   William Lewis (1852-1906)(veterinary surgeon) (m. 1872 Elizabeth Emma Jane)
 Clara Lewis (1853-1944) (m. George Henry Hallett)
 Herbert L Lewis (1855-1922)
 Arthur Lewis (1856-1934)
 Laura Lewis (1857-)
 Walter Lewis (1864-)
 Fanny Lewis (1864-1935) (m. Walter John Hallett)
Mayor of St Albans, 1856, opened the Corn Exchange.
Lived (1852) Chequer St. St. Albans,Herts.
Lived (1861) St Alban St Peter, Herts.
Died leaving 9 children, 3 by his former wife - (see letter)
When John Lewis died, E S Wiles took over his seat on St Albans council.

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