Arthur Emil Kraushaar


 BORN 22 October 1863 at 1 Wick Rd, South Hackney, England.
 DIED (prob 1930 in Maidstone)
 FATHER William Conrad Kraushaar (1827-1887)
 MOTHER Elizabeth Gittens (1832-1893)
 MARRIED Mary Jane Browning (1873-1946) in 1898 in Colchester, England.
 CHILDREN   George Cecil Kraushaar (1901-1979)
Ethel May Kraushaar (1903-)

~~ ~~

L/Cpl 1st Kings Dragoons. Both children were born in barracks.
After the army, in 1912, he seems to have been licensee of the Eagle Inn pub in Great Hockham, Norfolk.

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