James Lister


 BORN 29 April 1782 in Scarborough, Yorks, England.
 DIED 1862 in Barnstaple, Devon.
 FATHER Richard Humpton Lister (1751-1811)
 MOTHER Rebecca Hardman (1758-1823)
 MARRIED Elizabeth Ann Kemp (1788-) on 27 August 1808 at Alverstove, Hampshire.
 CHILDREN   Richard Lister
James Lister jnr (b. 1812 m. Margaret Marshall Cowper 1843 d. 24 Mar 1878 Belleville, Canada. MRCS 1833)
Edward Lister
Henry Lister
Elizabeth Ann Lister (1817-)
Mary Lister (1825-1875)
Charlotte Lister

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Said to have served on a ship in Halifax, Canada in 1812 and was subsequently stationed off the Isle of Wight, then the coast of Ireland. Later Coast Guard Commander on south and west coasts of England. Lived Barnstaple, Devon 1841-1862.

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