Capt John Sutton Bagshaw


 BORN January 1839 in Thrapston, Northants.
 BAPTISED 1 April 1839 in Thrapston.
 DIED 1914 in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.
 FATHER William Solomon Bagshaw (1796-1883)
 MOTHER Anne Sutton (1798-1877)
 MARRIED Emma Jane Perry
 CHILDREN   John Glenny Bagshaw (1887-1969)

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A history of Sydney EB says Capt Bagshaw came to Sydney and held meetings in the Masonic Hall, Castlereagh St in 1897-8. Bagshaw had previously been a Captain in the British army, but had separated himself from wordly associations after retirement in 1867, making him very acceptable to the EB.

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