Charlotte Tom


 BORN 1825
 BAPTISED 29 January 1826 in Blisland, Cornwall, England.
 DIED 1903
 FATHER Thomas Tom (1793-1877)
 MOTHER Mary Nicholls (1797-1870)
 MARRIED William Tom (1838-1901) in 1859 in Bodmin, Cornwall.
 CHILDREN   Mary Philp Tom (1860-1944)
 Dorothy Ann Nicolls Tom (1862-)
 Thomas Harrold Tom (1864-)
 Joanna Elizabeth Tom (1869-)

Morwenna, believed to be the home of William & Charlotte Tom in Tregenna Rd, Blisland before William's departure to Canada.
After William left, Charlotte and children moved to Pendrift to stay with (which?) relatives.

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