Edwin Downton


 BORN 1841 at Kingsdon, England.
 DIED 9 January 1915 in Queenstown, SA.
 BURIED 10 January 1915 in Woodville Cemetery.
 FATHER Joseph Downton (1811-1891)
 MOTHER Lydia Williams (1814-1884)
 MARRIED Harriet Hardwick (1852-1917) in Port Adelaide, SA.
 CHILDREN   Ethel Downton
 Elizabeth F Downton (m. 1902 Frederick W Roberts)
 Will Downton
 May Downton
 Rose Downton
 Fred Downton
Possibly a sailor. Went to live in South Australia. Is mentioned in insolvency proceedings in Adelaide in 1884 where he is described as a labourer of Two Wells. In another case he is described as a butcher of Queenstown, SA.

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