Robert Browne snr


 BORN c1702 in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England.
 DIED 5 February 1771 at Lowestoft.
 BURIED 9 February 1771 at St Margaret’s Church, Lowestoft.
 MARRIED Elizabeth Brown (c1698-1785) on 1 April 1730.
 CHILDREN   Elizabeth Browne (1731-) (m. William Carr)
 John Browne (1732-1773)
 Anne Browne (1733/4-1810) [m. 1754 John Arnold (1741-1778) then George Arnold in 1787]
 Susanna Browne 1 (1735/6-1737)
 Susanna Browne 2 (1738-1797)
 Robert Browne (1740-1806)

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Lowestoft Porcelain Index Chapter 1 says:

Robert the elder’s exact birth date is uncertain, but it was likely that he was born in 1702 or 3 possibly the son of a London Couple, Robert and Frances BROWNE of Clerkenwell. In 1754 he was a Blacksmith.

He signed a will on 2 November 1770.

Sukie Hunter says:

Robert Browne’s gravestone reads:

In memory of Robert Browne who died February 5th 1771 aged 67 years also Elizabeth his wife who died May 30th 1785 aged 87 years.

This inscription is carved on the end of a stone originally dedicated to his grandson Robert Browne and evidently dates from some time after his death. The grave is now heavily covered with ivy and the inscription can no longer be seen. He was Businessman, China Maker.

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Porcelain teabowl and saucer attributed to Robert Browne snr.

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