Anita Murray


 BORN 12 May 1860 in California, USA.
 DIED 1949
 FATHER Walter Murray (1826-1875)
 MOTHER Mercedes Espinosa (1823-1878)
 MARRIED Edwin Peter Unangst (1858-1926) on 27 February 1889
 CHILDREN   Edwin Walter Unangst (1892-)
Dorothy Anita Unangst (1885-1983)
George Harold Unangst (1897-)

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Early records suggest Anita’s name was Junta.

Anita Murray was born 12 May 1860, for some years taught in the Mission Public School in San Luis Obispo, and is described as “lovely and accomplished” in the History of San Luis Obispo County. In 1889 she married Edwin Peter Unangst, who became a lawyer and judge of the Superior Court of San Luis Obispo for many years.

Anita (left) with her elder sister Mercedes.

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