Philip Charles Evans


 BORN 21 November 1809 at Avening, Gloucestershire, England.
 DIED 31 July 1886 at Stroud.
 MARRIED 1 Elizabeth Clutterbuck (1816-1851) in 1837 at Bristol, England.
 CHILDREN   Sarah Ann Evans (c1842-)
Phillip James Evans (1845-)
Mary Evans (1838-1932)
 MARRIED 2 Anne Knox-Davies (1820-1905) (née Thurtell) on 6 December 1851 at Bethnal Green, England.
 CHILDREN   Walter Evans (1852-1922)
Annie Evans (1854-1933)
Arthur Evans (1855-1931)
Edward Ebenezer Holt Evans (1857-)
Bessie Frances Evans (1858-1958)
Margaret Lucy Evans (1860-1943)

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Cloth Mill Owner — Woollen Manufacturer Master at Brimscombe Mill — Farmer with 17 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy.

Lived in Burleigh Court near Stroud, Gloucestershire. Father was Aaron, grandfather was Eli Evans, both from south Wales. Inherited his father’s woollen mills. Boys went to school at Clevedon. Teddy was clever, Arthur was held back by delicacy.

Stroud had long been a centre of textile manufacture. One report says Stroud was the centre of the clothing trade in 1830, with mills every few hundred yards on every river. In the census of 1821 the parish had 7,097 inhabitants.

Some of Philip’s sons carried on the business as Marling & Evans, but by 1931 one section of Brimscombe Lower Mill was occupied by a firm making automobile engine parts, and by 1935 another section by iron-founders. It seems engineering won for a time, but the buildings were renovated in the 21st century for offices.

Philip & Anne Evans

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