Philip James Luntley jnr


 BORN 21 February 1834 at Bread st Hill, London, Middx, England.
 DIED 13 September 1896 at 52 North St, Scarborough, England.
 FATHER Philip James Luntley (1794-1853)
 MOTHER Mary Jane Lister (1809-1886)
 MARRIED Sarah Coupland (1851-1940) on 5 July 1869 in Methodist Chapel, Scarborough.
 CHILDREN   Philip James Luntley (1869-1930)
 William Henry Luntley (1871-1937)
 Mary Jane Luntley (1872-1914)
 Josiah John Luntley (1873-1937)
 Herbert Lister Luntley (1874-1941)
 Arthur Ernest Luntley (1875-1943)
 Sarah Hannah Luntley (1876-1953)
 Thomas Edward Luntley (1877-1938)
 Eliza Ann Luntley (1879-1879)
 Harold Albert Luntley (1880-1950)
 George Washington Luntley (1882-1941)
 Henrietta Alice Luntley (1883-1883)
 Emily Jane Luntley (1888-1980)
In 1871 Philip was a pork butcher and aerated water manufacturer in Scarborough
An aerated water manufacturer in 1881
A musical instrument dealer in 1891.
He had (at least) seven sons and three daughters.

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