Harriet Rebecca Lister


 BORN 1796
 BAPTISED 31 May 1796 in Scarborough, Yorks, England.
 DIED 1878 in Bromley, Kent, England.
 FATHER Richard Humpton Lister (1757-1811)
 MOTHER Rebecca Hardman (1758-1823)
 MARRIED William Henry Cotterill (1791-1855) on 27 September 1821 at St Bartholomew by the Exchange, London, England.
 CHILDREN   James Hardman Cotterill (1824-)
 Jane Margaret Cotterill (1825-)
 William Henry Cotterill jnr (1826-)
 Harriet Sarah Cotterill (1830-)
 Emily Mary Cotterill (1833-)
 Irene Anne Cotterill (1836-)
 Mary Gertrude Cotterill (1836-)
A "modern" descendant of Harriet is Michael McGuire of Wisconsin.

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