Ida Gwendoline Evans

 BORN 1 April 1895 at Johannesburg, South Africa.
 DIED September 1922
 FATHER Walter Evans (1853-1922)
 MOTHER Frances Apperly (1852-1920)

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Gwen Lennox of Johannesburg writes:

My father was Walter Evans, son of Phillip Evans of Evans & Sons, of woollen mill fame of Stroud in Gloucestershire. My mother was Frances Apperly, daughter of … Apperly, of the equally well-known woollen mills of Apperly, Curtis & Co of Stroud, Gloucestershire, who made the special suiting for King Edward the VII called ‘Hydea’ cloth.

"They were married in 1876 and my eldest brother was born in Stroud in 1877 and my parents came out to live in Hanover, C.P. in 1878 as my father’s health was not what it should be. He bought a farm of 20,000 morgen and all my 5 brothers and sisters were born there. In 1894 my family came to live in Johannesburg and I was born in 1895. My father opened the second estate agent’s office in Johannesburg, Mr Richard Currie had opened the first. My father loved South Africa as it gave him back his health. My parents visited England 17 times—the last being in 1904.

"We spent the Boer War days in East London, at Cambridge, where my father was the commandant of the Cambridge Village Guard. We returned to Johannesburg at the end of the war.

"My mother died in 1920 & my father, who married again, died in 1922.

[Written October 1972. One morgen = 0.86 Hectare. Hydea cloth was from wool grown locally on a farm at Hyde.]

Shipping records show that Ida visited Britain in 1931.

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