Frances Apperly


 KNOWN AS   Fanny
 BORN 1852 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England.
 DIED 1920 in South Africa.
 FATHER David Apperly (1812-1887)
 MOTHER Ellen Jacobs (1817/8-1900)
 MARRIED Walter Evans (1853-1922) in 1876.
 CHILDREN   Walter Murray Evans (1877-)
David Charles Evans (1878-1878)
Charles David Evans (1878-)
Herbert Percy Evans (1880-1881)
Frances Annie Evans (1882-1969)
Philip Claude Evans (1884-1887)
Margaret Rosa Evans (1889-1892)
Mary Gladys Evans (1890-)
Arthur Basil Evans (1893-)
Ida Gwendoline Evans (1895-)

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Daughter of David Apperly of Rodborough Court near Stroud. Like the Evans family, the Apperly family owned woollen mills and manufactured the red cloth used for the uniform of the British soldier. The mills were well known for the quality of all their woollen cloth particularly the black “face cloth”. A gold medal award was received at the 1851 exhibition.

The London Gazette of 21 June 1872 contains a bankruptcy notice for David Appleby, but the firm continued as Apperly, Curtis & Co., a limited company headed by David's son Sir Alfred Apperly.  

Ellen Jacobs is described as the very beautiful daughter of an English Jew named Thomas Jacobs.

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Weavers and fullers were recorded in Rodborough parish from the 1270s, and at least seven mills were producing cloth by the 17th century.

Rodborough Court.

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