Giuseppe Pietro Revolon

(1930 — 2016)

 KNOWN AS   Joe and Mussa
 BORN 4 November 1930 at Loria, Italy.
 DIED 3 July 2016 at Ayr, Qld.
 FUNERAL Service 11 July 2016 at St Colman’s Church, Home Hill, Qld.
 FATHER Antonio Revolon (1901-1979)
 MOTHER Paolina Lazarri (1906-1967)
 MARRIED Maria Barichello (1933-2016) on 27 August 1960 at Loria, Italy
 CHILDREN   Elena Revolon
Caterina Paola Revolon
Ricardo Antonio Ferninado Revolon
Emigrated to Australia arriving in Sydney aboard the Ravello on 4 January 1951.
Subsequently returned to Italy and married Maria.
The new couple arrived aboard the Oceania on 14 November 1960.
Eventually Giuseppe and Maria bought a sugar cane farm in Home Hill, Qld. They lived on this farm for the rest of their lives.

Xmas, 2014.


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