James Harvey Bell


 BORN 13 June 1889 in Freestone, Qld.

Qld Birth Record 1889/C003011

Bell James Hervey
James & Christine Shelley
 DIED 1952

Qld Death Record 1952/41357

James Hervey Bell
James & Christina Shelley
 BURIED 24 December 1952 in Toowong Cemetery, Qld.
 FATHER James Bell
 MOTHER Christina Shelley
 MARRIED Alice Emma McCorkell (1903-1987) in 1923 in Qld.

Qld Marriage Record 1923/C2617

Bell James Harvey
& McCorkell Alice Emma
 CHILDREN   Lex Bell
 Andrew Bell
 Myrtle Bell
 Benjamin Bell
 Douglas Bell
 Harvey Bell

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