George Davie Thurtell


 BORN 18 June 1843 at Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
 DIED 3 February 1908 at Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
 FATHER Benjamin Thurtell (1795-1854)
 MOTHER Sarah Ann Davie (1801-1892)
 MARRIED Fanny Cecilia Harland (1847-1928) on 12 January 1871 at Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
 CHILDREN   Gladys Thurtell (1871-1871)
 Guy Thurtell (1872-1963)
 Leonard Harland Thurtell (1878-1900)
 Marie Davie Thurtell (1880-1976)

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George Davie Thurtell was educated in Dorchester, England. He and his wife, Fanny Cecilia Harland, lived at Westholme, the old West End homestead, and upon the death of his uncle, James Davie, George & Fanny with their family of three children, Guy, Mary & Leonard, moved into town, having purchased 'Maplewood' on Dublin Street. The Thurtell sale day was on 13 April 1886, and the farm was rented to Alfred Watson, a relative. 'In disposition, Mr. Thurtell was very retiring, and averse to anything like publicity or public life. In politics he was Conservative, and he was a member of and staunch adherent of the Church of England. Strictly upright and honourable, Mr. Thurtell was at the same time liberal and generous, entirely without ostentation, often sending his gifts and charities anonymously. Years of ill health were borne by him with much patience and cheerfulness.' He died of heart disease at home on 3 February 1908, at 64 yrs of age. The survivors were Guy Thurtell living on the homestead, Mary Davie 'Daisy' Sharpe of Jamaica, an elder brother Francis Thurtell of Traverse City, Mich. and a sister, Harriett Thurtell of Hamilton.

George & Fanny.

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