James Pringle


 BORN 5 May 1884 in Bundaberg, Qld.

Qld Birth Record 1884/C000931

Pringle James
George & Catherine Spence
 DIED 19 August 1958 in Qld.

Qld Death Record 1958/27351

James Pringle
George & Catherine Spence
 BURIED 21 August 1958 in Balmoral Cemetery, Qld.
 FATHER George Pringle (1859-1910)
 MOTHER Catherine Horne Spence (1860-1895)
 MARRIED Barbara Jean Allen (1888-1968) on 7 December 1914 in Qld.

Qld Marriage Record 1914/B015940

Allen Barbara Jean &
James Pringle
 CHILDREN   Edith Ellen Pringle (1923-1973)
George Allen Pringle (1915-1976)
Jean Catherine Pringle (1918-1986)
Agnes Isabel Pringle (1920-)
Donald James Pringle (1924-1987)
Victor John Pringle (1926-1979)

~~ ~~

Analytical Sugar Chemist in charge of Sugar experimental station in Bundaberg.

EMC album has photos of home at Barolin Rd, Bundaberg.

Moved to Brisbane in 1937 to work at the Agricultural Chemical Laboratory in Brisbane. Lived 25 Power St Norman Park Qld.
Jim Pringle holding Victor, 1927.

Pringle children.

Back row: Edith, Vic, Agnes, Don, John Millar.
Front row: Jim Pringle, Barbara Pringle, Barbara Millar,
Jean Millar (née Pringle), baby Jimmy Millar.

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