Noel Johnston Danne


 BORN 15 January 1890 in St Kilda, Vic.

Vic Birth Record 1890-8007

DANNE Noel Johnston
Richd Vallancey & JOHNSTON - Mary
 DIED 1969 in Vic.
 CREMATED 31 July 1969 at Springvale Cemetery, Vic.
 FATHER Rev Richard Vallancey Danne (1846-1904)
 MOTHER Mary Johnston (1851-1926)
 MARRIED Gladys Laura Joyce (1893-1962) in 1918 in Victoria.

Vic Marriage Record 1918-299

DANNE Noel Johnston & JOYCE Gladys Laura
 CHILDREN   Roderick David Valancy Danne (1920-2008)
 Annette Mary Danne (1919-1994)
 Geoffrey Francis O’Donnell Danne (1920-1986)
 Peter Robert Bodmer Danne (1922-1945)
 Noel Johnston Brian Danne (1927-2013)
 William Stephen Danne (1932-1940)
Was a vicar in the C of E in Spotswood (1926-1933), an industrial area of Melbourne; and St Phillip’s, Collingwood; Abbotsford (1945).
Resigned from St John’s, Lang Lang because of ill-health.
Established 1st Emerald Scout Group in Dandenong ranges on 1 July 1923.
In 1953 he took a position as chaplain in a ship carrying UK immigrants to Australia.

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The Age of 19 February 1955 said:

The Rev. Noel Danne, vicar of St. Philip’s Church of England, is today the only resident minister in Collingwood. For along the line of Collingwood’s church history (three churches have been pulled down), all the clergy, bar the vicar of St. Philips, have moved out of town. Vicar Danne, however, is essentially an industrial minister. He’s spent 29 years in industrial parishes. And the grey-haired, energetic minister makes the following frank observations:

Church heads today look askance at churches in industrial areas. Industrial people get good money, they say, so let THEM keep their churches going.
My view is: Industrial people need shepherding, or we’ll have Red trouble. Some who are nominally Christians IN work rapidly become Communists OUT of work.
I like working people.They’re nice to handle.
St. Philip’s has a ‘mixed’ congregation. Years ago Sir Arthur Snowden was our church warden, while our secretary was a garbage collector. Typical of St. Philip’s — and of a real Church of England.

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