Isabella Dalgarno Johnston


 KNOWN AS   Bella
 BORN 1858 at Williamstown, Vic
 DIED March 1929 in Auckland, NZ

NZ Death Record 1929/8813

Baeyertz Isabella
 FATHER Kerr Johnston (1812-1887)
 MOTHER Eliza Denovan Gowan (1816-1894)
 MARRIED Charles Nalder Baeyertz (1866-1943) on 21 December 1886 at Baptist church, Kew, Vic.
 CHILDREN   Marion Estelle Mabel Baeyertz (1893-1894)
Carl (or Charles) Kerr Johnston Baeyertz (m. 1912 Gladys Bertha Rose James[1891-1946])
Maida Estelle Isabel Baeyertz (m. 1912 Heron Gore Wyincks)
Rudolph Emil Aronson Baeyertz (1895nz-1975) (m. 1923 Helena Sara Conaglen)

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NZ Electoral Roll and Rudolph’s birth record give Dalgarno as the middle name. It is reasonable to assume that Isabella’s parents were very impressed with Isabella Dalgarno, a fiery Scot who preached against alcohol and who settled in Melbourne in 1852. Isabella’s husband was a sea captain who was involved with the Johnstons’ Mission to Seamen.

Charles Nalder Baeyertz (left), his wife Isabella Baeyertz and a friend, about 1906.

Death of Marion Estelle Mabel, Otago Witness, 27 December 1894.

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