Mary Johnston


 BORN 1851
 DIED 1926 in Vic.

Vic Death Record 1926

JOHNSTON Kerr & GOWAN - Elizth Denivan
 BURIED 31 July 1926 in St Kilda Cemetery, Vic.
 FATHER Kerr Johnston (1812-1887)
 MOTHER Eliza Denovan Gowan (1816-1894)
 MARRIED Rev Richard Vallancey Danne (1846-1904) on 6 February 1871 at Emerald Hill, Vic. 

Vic Marriage Record 1871

JOHNSTON Mary & DANNE Richard Vallency
 CHILDREN   Noel Johnston Danne (1890-1969)
Harold Alexander Danne
Aileen Elizabeth Danne (1879-1956)
Mary Alice Danne (1882-)
Richard Vallancey Danne jnr (1882-1942)
Agnes Isa Danne (1874-1956)
Kerr Vallancey Danne (1877-1878)
Arthur Norman Danne (1884-1884)
Margaret Ethelwyn Danne (1887 lived 3 months)
Kathleen Grace Danne (1883-)
Ernest William Danne (1886-1959)
Arrived in Australia March 1853
A prominent brass plaque in the 1916 Seamen’s Mission in Melbourne pays tribute to the service of Mary Danne up to the year 1920. The plaque points out that she was daughter of the Rev Kerr Johnston, first chaplain of the mission.

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