Ronald Beresford Taylor


 BORN 1892 in Qld.

Qld Birth Record 1892/C8224

Taylor Ronald Beresford
John & Anna Louisa Frew
 DIED 1957 in Qld.

Qld Death Record 1957/2905

Ronald Beresford Taylor
John & Anna Louisa Frew
 BURIED 18 September 1957 in Toowong Cemetery, Qld.
 FATHER John Taylor (1854-1931)
 MOTHER Anna Louisa Frew (1864-1939)
 MARRIED Katherine Glasson (1893-1998) in 1916 in Qld.

Qld Marriage Record 1916/C3236

Taylor Ronald Beresford &
Glasson Katherine
 CHILDREN   Thelma Dorothy Taylor (1917-2001)
 William Ronald Ian Taylor (1921-1990)
 Harry Desmond Taylor (1924-2001)

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