Edward Brookes Thurtell


 BORN 1815 at Ipswich, England.
 DIED 16 May 1876 at Sinipee, Grant County, Wisconsin, USA.
 FATHER John Thurtell (1788-1837)
 MOTHER Mary Brookes (1787-1854)
 MARRIED Amy Burns on 19 November 1841 at Vaughan Home, Sinipee, Grant County, Wisconsin.
 CHILDREN   Edward Thurtell (1843-1863)
 Anne Thurtell (1844-1912)
 Walter Thurtell (1847-1921)
 Mary Catherine Thurtell (1849-1917)
 Frank Thurtell (1852-1929)
 Frederick W Thurtell (1854-1920)
 Harriet Ellen Thurtell (1856-1907)
 Grace Thurtell (1859-1926)
 Belle Thurtell (1861-1920)
 (Infant) Thurtell (1865-1866)

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Amy Burns and Edward Brookes Thurtell were married in 1841, and raised their family in Jamestown, Grant County, Wisconsin, where Edward died in 1876. Sometime after 1880 Amy moved to Sturgis, Meade County, South Dakota, where she lived the rest of her life. Edward is the nephew of Anne Thurtell who referred to him in her diary, and left him £100 in her will.

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