John James McCorkell


 BORN about 1856 in Ireland.
 DIED 1919 in Qld.

Qld Death Record 1919/B30711

McCorkell John James
George McCorkell & Catharine Torrens
 BURIED 3 November 1919, Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane, Qld.
 FATHER George McCorkell
 MOTHER Catherine Torrens
 MARRIED 1 Adelaide Ann Diggory (1861-1886) on 30 August 1881 at St Peter’s church, Dublin.
 CHILDREN   Charles George McCorkell (1882-1972)
Laura McCorkell (1884-1960)
John James McCorkell (1886-1887)
 MARRIED 2 Alice Emma Graves (1864-1904) on 1 August 1889 at Brisbane, Qld.

Qld Marriage Record 1889/B013466

McCorkell John James & Alice Emma Graves
 CHILDREN   John Edwin McCorkell (1898-1981)
Christina McCorkell (1901-1904)
Alice Emma McCorkell (1903-1987)

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Described on marriage certificate as of Mountpoltinger, Belfast.

Sailed from London 18 Aug 1885 and arrived in Brisbane on 18 Oct 1885. Some say the family’s migration was encouraged by Thomas Allen, whose wife was probably John James’s cousin, or perhaps even his brother—or half-brother—if the two George McCorkells in the previous generation are the same person. [JC 12/2004] As Thomas Allen did not arrive in Australia until 1886, this seems unlikely.

McCorkell oral history says that John was a gambler who drank to excess and served some jail time. He had a grocery shop in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and was insolvent at one time.

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