Cornelius Whicher Leach


 BORN 12 January 1867 in New Zealand.

NZ Birth Record 1867/5252

Leach Cornelius Whicher
 DIED September 1946 in Nelson, New Zealand.

NZ Death Record 1946/30796

Leach Cornelious Whitcher
 BURIED 26 September 1946 in Nelson cemetery.
 FATHER Joseph Cornelius Leach (1826-1902)
 MOTHER Elizabeth Whitcher (1859-1907)
 MARRIED 1 Marian Elizabeth Cresswell (1875-1915) in 1893 in NZ.

NZ Marriage Record 1893/2599

Marion Elizabeth Cresswell &
Cornelius Whicher Leach
 MARRIED 2 Laura McCorkell (1884-1960) in 1917 in NZ.

NZ Marriage Record 1917/5174

Laura McCorkell &
Cornelius Whicker Leach
 CHILDREN   Alice Helen Leach (1918-1999)
Robert Laurie Leach (1921-2001)
Described as a gardener of Nelson in his first wife’s probate application.

Cornelius, Laura, Alice & Robert, 1922.

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