James Millar


 BORN 29 October 1890 in Coalburn, Scotland.
 DIED 14 July 1976 in Toowoomba, Qld.
 BURIED 15 July 1976 in Toowoomba Cemetery, Qld.
 FATHER John Millar (1861-1939)
 MOTHER Isabel Burnside (1864-1937)
 MARRIED 1 Annie Brown Menzies (1918-1959)
 CHILDREN   John Millar (1920-2008)
George Menzies Millar (1921-1988)
James Millar jnr (1923-1981)
Peter Millar (1933-)
 MARRIED 2 Jenny Henderson in c1976.

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Was born into a coalmining family in Scotland. He worked as a coalminer in Coalburn but, during the depression, shortly after his marriage, he had to go to Edmonton, Canada alone to earn money for the family at home. On his return to Scotland he contracted Rheumatic fever due to the damp conditions encountered in the mine and was advised to leave Scotland and seek a warmer climate. As his brother George was already in Australia, he made the decision to emigrate with the family which they did arriving in about 1927 in Brisbane aboard the S.S. Hobson Bay. In Australia he was a hire car driver. His sons used to polish the vehicles.

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