Catherine Horne Spence


 KNOWN AS   Katie
 BORN 21 May 1860 at Scarfskerry, Dunnet, Caithness, Scotland.
 DIED 10 November 1895 at Bundaberg, Qld.

Qld Death Record 1895/C000370

Pringle Catherine
John SPence & Catherine Horne
 BURIED Bundaberg Cemetery, Qld.
 FATHER John Spence (1822-)
 MOTHER Catherine Horne (c1840-)
 MARRIED George Pringle (1859-1910) on 24 November 1881 at Melrose, Roxburgh, Scotland.
 CHILDREN   Catherine Jane Crombie Pringle (1882-1898)
James Pringle (1884-1958)
John Spence Pringle (1886-1968)
George Pringle (1888-1910)
Mary Pringle (1889-1979)
Grace Helen Pringle (1891-1976)
Isabel Pringle (1893-1974)

~~ ~~

Came from Berwick-on-Tweed.

On 5 Feb 1883, George and wife Katie sailed with George's brothers Adam (21yo) and James (18yo) on the Duke of Devonshire from Plymouth, England to Cooktown, Qld, Australia. They settled at Kobble Creek.

Catherine died of TB when her eldest (Katie) was 16 and the youngest (Issy) was 2yo.

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