Robert Thurtell


 BORN about 1701 at Norwich, Norfolk, England.
 BAPTISED 20 February 1701 at St Peter, Southgate, Norwich.
 DIED 1732
 FATHER John Thurtell (1680-1729)
 MOTHER Alice Balls (-1735)

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Robert was a blacksmith like his father. Robert Thurtell was apprenticed in 1717 by the gift of Sir Joseph Payne, deceased, to John Thurtle of Norwich, blacksmith (evidently his father), until he was 23 years of age.

Robert Thurtle, blacksmith, son of John Thurtle was admitted a freeman of Norwich 2 August 1727. Robert Thurtell is mentioned in his father’s will, in 1729, in which he was left his best greatcoat, a double breasted coat, a fustian waistcoat, and a pair of buckskin breeches. However he is not mentioned in his mother’s will, 1735, being probably not then still alive. He must be the Robert Thurtle who was buried at St. Etheldreda, Norwich, Norfolk, England, on 26 July 1732. Rob Thirtle married Mgt Read on September 14, 1720, at St. Helen, Norwich. She may be the Margaret Thurtle who was buried at St. Etheldreda, Norwich, on 4 June 1732, and since her husband apparently died the same year, one wonders who then raised their young children? In the records they appear to have had three children.

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