John Thurtell


 BORN 9 September 1788 at Hopton, Suffolk, England.
 BAPTISED 14 September 1788 at Hopton, Suffolk, England.
 DIED 7 December 1837 at Mutford Rd, Lowestoft, England.
 BURIED 11 December 1837 at Hopton
 FATHER John Thurtell (1762-1846)
 MOTHER Anne Browne (c1762-1834)
 MARRIED Mary Brookes (1787-1854) in about 1810.
 CHILDREN   John Brookes Thurtell (1812-1879)
Frederick Brookes Thurtell (1813-1841)
Edward Brookes Thurtell (1816-1876)
Anne Brookes Thurtell (1817-1907)
Mary Brookes Thurtell

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Had a number of children, all with Brookes as a middle name and based in Yarmouth, but the rest of the family seems to have had little contact with them. They included John Brookes Thurtell (b. 1816), who was a sea captain on the Australia run, and now has at least one descendant in Canada; Edward Brookes Thurtell, who emigrated to the US, had five children and was a farmer in Wisconsin when his Aunt Anne rediscovered him on her trip to America; and two daughters who married cousins called Sherrington. Anne was the mother of the Nobel prizewinner Sir Charles Sherrington (born in 1857, 9 years after the death of the father usually claimed for him). Wikipedia says John Thurtell was almost certainly the illegitimate son of Anne Brookes Sherrington and Caleb Rose, an eminent Ipswich surgeon. Anne and Caleb married in 1880 in Ipswich after Rose’s wife died.

In a website, Garry Marc Howard-Browne claims that another child of John and Mary was James Thurtell (b. 1811) who was a gardener, baker’s apprentice and protestant. He was convicted and sentenced on 28 April 1829 in Norfolk to 7 years’ transportation for stealing shoes as reported in the Norfolk Chronicle of 1 May 1829. He arrived in Sydney, NSW on 19 February 1830. James married Maria Jane Culverson (1825-1903) in Bathurst, NSW on 22 September 1841. A James B Thurtell died at Carcoar in 1904 but the site says he died in the Lunatic Asylum at Parramatta in 1861. Interestingly, newspaper reports show that the Thurtell (aged 45 years) who died in the Parramatta asylum was from Carcoar. Maria Jane Thurtell married Christopher Shandley (1828-1912) in Carcoar in 1867. lists 9 children for Maria’s first marriage and 2 from her second.

Frederick Brookes Thurtell is discussed at He was a storekeeper in Morpeth, NSW. He died on 17 May 1941 and was buried in Morpeth cemetery. His headstone is said to carry the inscription Fred was a good bloke. Buried by his work mates.

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