John Michael Campbell


 BORN 1912 in Lewisham, England.
 DIED 29 March 1943 in RAF.
 FATHER Bernard Campbell
 MOTHER Alberta Annie Habgood
 MARRIED Vera Elma Margaret Kraushaar (1915-) in 1939 in Brentford, England.

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Date: 29/30th March 1943
Unit: No. 218 Squadron (Gold Coast)
Type: Stirling III Serial: BK716
Base: Downham Market, Norfolk

Took off from Downham Market at 21.30 hrs. to bomb the heart of Germany, Berlin, along with 328 other bombers. The flight out was hampered by heavy icing and electrical storms over the North Sea which forced 120 aircraft to return. The remainder continued and met heavy night fighter resistance in the calmer weather conditions over the continent. Night fighter squadrons engaged from their bases at Twenthe and Deelen claiming 9 from the Berlin attackers. Nothing was heard from Stirling BK716 and it is thought that it was either hit by flak or succumbed to the weather. (No records claiming this kill from the night-fighter units) Accuracy regarding the damage caused by the allied bombers is disputed but it is claimed that 148 people were killed on the ground and the same number of buildings totally destroyed. The allied attack cost the RAF dear with 21 aircraft lost.  

John Campbell is second from left.

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