William Abraham Kraushaar


 BORN 21 March 1857 at 45 Johnson St, Stepney, England.
 BAPTISED St. George in the East, London.
 DIED 1926 at Rochford, England.
 FATHER William Joseph Kraushaar (1836-1912)
 MOTHER Mary Ann Naylor (1834-1900)
 MARRIED Ann Elizabeth Hall (1855-1939) on 16 October 1878 at Southend, Essex.
 CHILDREN   William Joseph Arthur Kraushaar (1879-1923)
Richard Edward Norman Kraushaar (1880-1948)
Edith Annie Kraushaar (1882-)
Gertrude Mary Kraushaar (1885-1885)
Sydney James C. Kraushaar (1887-1887)
Stanley Hall Kraushaar (1889-)
Dorothy Gertrude Kraushaar (1893-)
Merchant’s Clerk.
Joined J.H. Schröder at age 16 in 1873.

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