Henry William Kraushaar


 KNOWN AS   Harry
 BORN 26 November 1883 in England.
 DIED 1939 in Qld.

Qld Death Record 1939/B44679

Harry William Kraushaar
 BURIED 1 August 1939 in Balmoral Cemetery, Qld.
 FATHER Henry Charles Kraushaar (1854-1889)
 MOTHER Sarah Kavanagh (1855-1889)
 MARRIED Jane Barber (1883-1965) in 1904 in Qld.

Qld Marriage Record 1904/B003491

Kraushaar Harry William & Jane Barber
 CHILDREN   Harry Charles Kavanagh (1904-1988)
Thomas Joseph Wallace Kraushaar (1906-1982)
Minnie Isabel Janes Kraushaar (1908-)
Alexander Bernard Kraushaar (1912-)
Eileen Maud Kraushaar (1915-1916)
Emigrated to Australia.
In 1914, changed name to Kavanagh (mother’s maiden name) under pressure from employer.

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