Louisa Sarah Kraushaar

 BORN 12 December 1851 at Limehouse. Living 13 Aston Terrace, London, England.
 BAPTISED 29 February 1852, Wycliffe Congregational Church, London.
 FATHER Thomas Henry John Kraushaar (1829-1891)
 MOTHER Sarah Ruddick (1828-1894)
 MARRIED Frederick William Bennett (1853-1896) on 20 August 1876 at Mile End.
 CHILDREN Frederick William Bennett (1877-)
 Albert Edward Bennett (1879-1927)
 Charles R Bennett (1882-1902)
 William Bennett (1888-)
 Rose Bennett (1890-)
 Ada Louisa Bennett (1892-1979)
Website UK Mundia suggests Louise Sarah Bennett, Frederick William Bennett and Ada Louisa emigrated to the USA where Louisa died in 1896 in Greenwich, CT.

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