Elizabeth Watson


 BORN 1811 at Wattisfield, Suffolk, England.
 DIED 25 May 1858 at Diamond Creek, Melbourne, Vic.
 FATHER Thomas Watson
 MOTHER Elizabeth Watson
 MARRIED James Rosier (1811-1852) on 4 February 1834 at Langham, Suffolk, England.
 CHILDREN   James Watson Rosier (1834-1920)
George Rosier (1837-1858)
Thomas Rosier (1839-1858)
Ann(a) Rosier (1840-1896)
Elizabeth Rosier (1843-1910)
John William Rosier (1845-1934)
Harriett Jane Rosier (1851-1929)

Langham Parish register

From SA records (SAR 1044, 1046 e-62302):

Arrival of the barque Brothers from London 14th Oct 1849
to Port Adelaide 13th Feb 1850 via Plymouth 26 Oct 1849
Vessel details
Name: Brothers
Type: barque
Master: R. Eilly
Weight: 369
Cargo/other cargo: imports
Passenger & crew list includes: Rosier James and wife, 8 children

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