John Browne


 BORN 17 March 1792 in Bradwell, Norfolk, England.
 BAPTISED 23 March 1792 in Bradwell.
 DIED 9 May 1844 in Pudding Norton Hall, Norfolk.
 BURIED 12 May 1844 in St Mary the Virgin, Colkirk, Norfolk (near 13 of his children).
 FATHER Robert Browne (1760-1813)
 MOTHER Sarah Thurtell (c1759-1818)
 MARRIED Maria Thurtell (1793-1866) (his double first cousin) on 8 October 1814 at Witton, near North Walsham, Norfolk
 CHILDREN   John Robert Browne (1815- )
 Martin Browne (1817-1898)
 Horace Browne (1819-1899)
 Anna Maria Browne (1820- )
 Caroline Browne (1821-)
 Emma Browne (1822-1859)
 Frederick Browne (1824-)
 William Wallace Browne (1823-1831)
 Herbert Howard Browne (1825-1898safrica)
 Edward Browne (1826-)
 Clara Browne (1827-1891)
Lived at Pudding Norton Hall near Fakenham, Norfolk.
According to Browne family tradition, John Browne was decorated for gallantry on the field at the battle of Waterloo.

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