Thomas Henry Kraushaar


 BORN 1791 at Middlesex, London, England.
 DIED 16 December 1846 at Stepney
 BURIED 23 December 1846 at Wycliffe Congregational Church, London, England.
 FATHER Johann Conrad Kraushaar (c1742-1801)
 MOTHER Catherina Elisabeth Ninau (1751-1812)
 MARRIED 1 Jane Isabella Harrison (1791-1827) on 3 August 1811 at St. Dunstan’s, Stepney.
 MARRIED 2 Ann Lazell (1804-1886) on 13 February 1828 at St. Dunstan’s, Stepney.
 CHILDREN   Eliza Ann Kraushaar (1828-)
Thomas Henry John Kraushaar (1829-1891)
Sophia Louisa Kraushaar (1831-)
Sarah Lydia Kraushaar (1832-)
John Matthew Kraushaar (1834-1926)
William Joseph Kraushaar (1836-1912)
Jane Charlotte Kraushaar (1839-)
Maria Miriam Kraushaar (1841-)
Caroline Emma Kraushaar (1843-)

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Merchant’s Clerk. Lived at various times in Oxford St, 42 Russell St, and 33 Jubilee Place, all in Stepney.

Was the first recorded clerk of Schröder Bros., merchant bankers in the City of London. The Lutheran Schröders are known to have done much to help immigrant Germans. Apparently no issue from first marriage.

Thomas Henry Kraushaar was probably a son of JCK. Peter H Kraushaar is a third cousin once removed of Arthur James (Jim) Kavanagh, b. 1927, of Bundaberg Qld, whose father was born a Kraushaar in Australia but whose name was changed in 1914.

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